28 January 2012

What shall I cook for dinner tonight?★Cookpad★ All about the Japanese recipe

Here is an equation: 'Cook' + 'notepad' = ... that is, 'Cookpad', the biggest recipe search engine and recipe posting website in Japan. (Cookpad HP: http://cookpad.com/, Japanese language)
It was opened in 1998 and it contains over 1 million recipes which were posted by Cookpad users. It is said one out of two Japanese women in 30's (as of January 2012) are the Cookpad users. The key words for this site are: want to 'eat it', 'make it' and respond 'it was yummy'.
I am one of the '1/2 Japanese women in 30's' Cookpad users'. I thought why I tend to look at Cookpad myself.
It is very simple and easy-to-use recipe site: 'search the recipes' and 'show your recipes'; no celebs to show fancy recipes but the all recipes were posted the Japanese women next door; and what I like most is the 'photo report' for each recipes.
I sometimes look at a recipe book and follow exactly what it is written but it doesn't turn out as I wished or as the recipe book showed. In 'photo report' in Cookpad, there are reviews from users who tried a recipe and can post a review with a photo how it turned out. Even a title of recipe says 'Simple & easy cook xxx ' but the followers' response are not always positive and the photos the followers uploaded are sometimes far too different from the recipe which was shown in Cookpad recipe site. It implies it is not always 'Simple & easy cook'. It is so REAL and reliable!!!
For your interest, I tried to search 'Carbonara' in Cookpad and it showed 3,218 recipes as of Jan. 28 2012. 'Carbonara in our family', 'Carbonara without cream', '☆Easy-to-cook☆ Carbonara’, 'Cheese lovers' Carbonara', 'Healthy Carbonara with Chinese reddish' etc. etc.

Here is the 'Cookpad' English site 'Cookpad it' (HP: http://cookpad.it/).
It is not as sophisticated as the Japanese original site from my personal point of view but it is a good start to expand for overseas viewers.
Apparently, there is an English Cookpad free application in iTunes which you may follow:
What shall I cook for dinner tonight? No worries at all, just look at Cookpad!

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