20 January 2012

Influenza A virus is widespreading in Japan January 2012

The very first snow fell for this winter in Tokyo today. It did not rain for more than a month and it has been so dry. In other words, it is a season for parents to worry about influenza.
In this week, many schools/classes were temporarily closed due to wide spreading influenza.
My daughter was one of them sadly and she is struggling to fight back to flu A type although she had a vaccination late last year.
When a person gets a flu virus, it was common that medicine called Tamiflu has been prescribed in Japan. However, it seems there was a problem ... see the related article http://www.japantimes.co.jp/text/nn20090605a5.html.
Surprisingly, the alternative medicine has been introduced a couple years ago, called inavir, which was prescribed to my 8 years old daughter today. http://www.thepharmaletter.com/file/99217/daiichi-sankyo-launches-flu-drug-inavir-inhaler-in-japan-expands-deal-with-arqule-gets-favorable-patent-ruling-against-lupin.html
You have to breathe in this medicine, inappropriate for a little child who cannot breathe hard, but it is handy that you only do it once.
I have little information about this medicine but it is something you would better know.

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