30 June 2011

Summer sale 2011 begins☆

Did you know the Summer stock taking sale will officially start from July 1 tomorrow in Japan?
I said 'officially' because many shops have already begun 'pre-bargain' in Tokyo.

But don't rush! The discount rate will get bigger and bigger and you will be shocked to see things could get 80 to 90% off in the end of August. The problem is things get cheaper but less chance to meet your choice ... cannot find your size, cannot find the colour you want etc. It is the decision time.

It is sooooooo hot in Japan even it is just the beginning of the summer. Japanese people seem to be so irritated with the high humidity and strong sun shine under the strict energy-saving control after the nuclear disaster of March.

It is not a bad idea to help spending money to stimulate the Japanese economy back up again.