30 April 2011

BBC Online News on Japanese 'hyper' mobile

I came back to Tokyo after 2 years of living in London in late March 2011.
I found a little odd that my four years old Japanese mobile seems to be so dated.
I had a splendid iPhone 4 in U.K. which made me able to find where and what I can do around me and even entertain me for lots of free games which are download from iTune. But I lost all the fun things and stuck to an ancient gadget.

Here is an interesting article I found on BBC News.

Everything is so convenient here in Tokyo but the time passes to fast for me ... dizzy, dizzy.
I wonder how people appreciated Japanese craziness on hyper gadgets ?!


29 April 2011

Blog Open★

What a day to start the blog, 'Mums and Kids ★ Japan' today!
It is the day for the Royal Wedding in U.K.
..... April 29, 2011 ......
Hope everyone gets involved and improves the quality of life with kids in Japan:-)))

'douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu' = Pleased to meet you!