01 July 2011

Kidzania Tokyo

Did you know there is a fantastic kids adventurous indoor place in Tokyo, called Kidzania??!
(Kidzania Tokyo HP:http://www.kidzania.jp/tokyo/en/ )

The theme of Kidzania is to learn the professional jobs as an entertainment for kids! (Kidzania Mexico HP in English ... just to get an idea http://www.laciudaddelosninos.com/santafe/eng_flash/home.php)

Kids can be a pilot, they can be ... fire fighters, musician, policeman, photographers, dancers, doctors, mobile shop keepers, chiefs, artists, models, fashion designers, journalists, and lots lots more!

It is rather complicated system for the first visitor but such a fun place that kids loooooooove it a lot!

Sadly, it is not a great place for non-Japanese speaking family ... even so complicated for me as a Japanese including how to get tickets ... but it is highly recommended a fun place for kids and perhaps for you, mums, in Tokyo. Thank you so much for my lovely friend who organized a day trip there the other day. My 7 years daughter entered ABC Cooking where kids are trained to be a chief to cook the above lovely Lion curry for a night :D

There are hardly any English or foreign language signs in the site so please find a Japanese friend or helper to let you go in there!

Yummy, yummy 'unagi' - Japanese freshwater eel

Did you know the Japanese eel is different from what you imagine in western countries?
When I tell my overseas friends that I love eating eel, they think I love eating fatty snake-looking slimy creature. But Japanese eel is different from those and it has lovely subtle flavour with nicely grilled sweet soy sauce over it.

There are even the days in each summer (called 'doyou no ushinohi') you are supposed to eat eel to overcome the highly humid hot Japanese summer. Eel has high nutrition especially rich in Vitamin A and B and it is recognized as good source of stamina.

Most of eel are imported from China nowadays. You can enjoy the cuisine at unagi restaurants ... it is quite expensive though, as well as you buy already-made unagi in local supermarkets and eat at home.

I went to my favourite a little cafe-type unagi restaurant in Ginza the other day and I was shocked to see the size of unagi on rice! It was a half of the size compared with the one two years ago. Argh!