04 April 2012

Toys?! what young Japanese girls are playing in these days★

Many of you may wonder what ordinary Japanese primary school girls are playing with in these days?

Nindendo DS, Wii, and tamagotchi (http://www.bandai.com/tamagotchi/) are the main electric toys for young Japanese children but someone like my daughter who has not got her very own electric toys is into the collection of fancy stickers and plastic rubbers.
The specially designed fancy stickers' books are called 'seal-cho' in Japanese. It is often the ring binder style which you can add some refills just like a photo album. You can put stickers and easily remove them from the sheets as many as you like without loosing adhesiveness.
The difference from those in old days is the stickers themselves are just like a little toy. There are glitter, cushy, 3D stickers, as well as the stickers made out of 'washi' - Japanese paper. It tells a story of old and new in a little world.
The plastic rubbers in above picture are some of many that my daughter has. They are so well made and it is pity to rub off something with them.
Children not only lean how to collect and keep them nicely, but they are leaning the 'commerce' with them. Kids show their items to friends and exchange them if they agree upon. If one values greater than the other, they have to exchange a few items to the one special. They are gaining 'negotiation' skills through little toys!!!
A pack of stickers and rubbers are available from 100 yen to several hundreds yen depending on the quality.
It is always fun to see what kids are up to!


  1. My daughter loves those sticker pages too!

  2. Hello, hiraganamama-san.
    My daughter has 8 sticker-books by now.
    It is a little treasure for kids.