17 April 2012

'Kodomonokuni' (Children's Land) - all fun things for children in one place

Parents always look for fun places for children of all ages, and preferably including grown-ups. 'Kodomonokuni' (Children's Land) in Yokohama, is one of a few places where everyone can have a good day out.
Please enjoy the photo gallery as follows!
- In one beautiful Sunday morning, people are at the entrance of 'Children's Land'.
- In the central park of 'kodomonokuni', a large 'koinobori' carp streamers are up high in the air to celebrate upcoming 'Children's Day' on May 5th.
- There was an outdoor booth to make a pinwheel with origami.
- A hand-made 'kazaguruma', pinwheel turned out beautifully.
- Inside the Children's Centre where children enjoy arts and craft works.
- My daughter made the one in the above in the Children's Centre. Not bad, is it?!
- The white curpet with cherry blossoms' petal.
- Row boats and pedal boats are available. It was just a little late to be surrounded by fully bloomed cherry blossoms.
- Some examples of many different playgrounds in the park.
- Pony rides are available. A baby pony was having sunbathing.
- Feed or milk the cows?!
- Paid rides for toddlers.
There are: a small zoo, camping site, swimming pools for summer, ice-skating rink for winter, tennis courts, rent-a-cycle and many more for both paid and free stuff in the children's heaven!
In 1959, 'kodomonokuni' was founded in commemoration of the Royal Marriage of the Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko. It is a little different for what people imagine for 'high-tech' park in Japan but there are good old and new real Japan in there.
You will love it!

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