27 April 2012

The modern Japanese style with IKEA

Are the Japanese people still living in rabbit hutches?!

There are some arguments how to interpret the meaning of the 1979's EC Working Paper which described "The Japanese are workaholics living in rabbit hutches." Japan got richer in many ways from those days but it is not too wrong to say that the average Japanese people still live cheek-by-jowl in highly populated urban areas.
The Swedish based multinational furniture company, IKEA, has successfully translated their concept to the unique needs of Japanese consumers, i.e. maximising 'small space living' with efficient storage capability, and modern design with European taste.

 (Above photos are from IKEA Showroom)
The unique exhibition that IKEA Japan attempted was to set up a number of 5m² showrooms (three tatami sized rooms) in the yard of a temple in ancient capital, Kyoto. Each of the room was 'furnished to suit a different use: the kitchen, the kids room, the tatami room, the bedroom and so on, all in Japanese style and following a smart use of small space, typical of Japanese house.' (Japanese language only: http://news.ikea.jp/life_home/3jyo/3jyo110803_03)

A video produced by Roomie evokes Japanese traditions in line with the exhibition. The display in a temple got the attention of many people including Maiko, traditional Japanese dancers (apprentice Geisha). It illustrates the old and new, young and modern, and from the world to Japan and Japan to the world in a beutiful way.

The only last thing I wish IKEA could do is to 'do-it-for-you', rather than do-it-yourself' :-))

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