21 March 2012

Late spring arrival in Japan ★2012

These are the photos I would like to present to those who miss the Japanese spring, and to those who like to see the arrival of the spring in Japan.
These photos were taken at 'Kasai Rinkai Koen' (http://www.tokyo-park.or.jp/english/park/detail_02.html#kasairinkai) near Tokyo Disney Land on Spring Equinox Day yesterday.
No cherry blossoms bloomed but 1/3 of the plum tree flowers were just as beautiful as they are in the photos.
A Japanese man who looked like a scientist started to talk to my 8 years old daughter, explaining about the tadpole in a pond at the park. There were frogs' eggs and young tadpole which just hatched the eggs (black dots in the photo).
It was a very nice and warm, and an interesting day out in the park.

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