15 March 2012

For shoes lovers, look out for Adidas cherry blossom colour bearfoot shoes.

The plum trees have started to bloom in Tokyo and it is the sign that the spring is almost there. It will be soon surrounded with beautiful pink colour of cherry blossom trees everywhere throughout Japan.
Maybe because of that, Japanese people like pink colour more than any other nationalities.
The sports apparel manufacturer, Adidus, released five-toes bearfoot training shoes, named adipure Trainer, late last year. There have been five-toes shoes with shoe lace from other shoes makers but the adipure Trainer looks fantastic. It reminded me of the 'jika tabi' shoes that Japanese construction workers wear.
(Above picture from Jika Tabi Inc. http://www.jika-tabi.com/)
There are a number of articles that examine how superb the five-toes bearfoot shoes are but interestingly this pinky-pink colour adipure Trainer (ultra pink S12 Yen 9,345) is (maybe) only available for ladies in Japan (US adidas: http://www.adidas.com/us/product/mens-training-adipure-trainer-shoes/TD035).
Check it out for this eye-chatchig traing shoes for the spring!

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