19 March 2012

'Suji Yaki'@ Kiji Okonomiyaki Restraunt ★ More than fabulous!

Above picture called 'Suji Yaki' at Kiji (http://www.o-kizi.jp/index.html - Japanese only)
'Okonomiyaki' is one of the most famous Japanese casual cuisine. It is often described as Japanese pancake or pizza but it is neither sweet nor cheesy.
'Okonomiyaki' literally means 'grill what you like' so you put any toppings like pork, beef, seafood in the batter of flour, sliced cabbage, eggs, fish stock etc. When it is nicely cooked, it is topped with sweet soy sauce, mayonnaise, dried fish (bonito) powder or flakes, and dried seaweed as you like.
It was originally came from the west part of Japan like Hiroshima and Osaka and now it becomes the national beloved dish.
It is common that long queue of people are waiting to get in during lunch time. Your order is taken while you are waiting outside the restaurant and then the food is cooked in the back. When you sit down at the table, your order is served quickly and okonomiyaki is bought on to the griddle in front of you to keep it warm and sizzling.
Okonomiyaki Restaurant 'Kiji'
Address: Tokyo Bldg. TOKIA B1F, 2-7-3 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-3216-3123
Above 'suji yaki' is a type of okonomiyaki with toppings of stewed beef and lots of 'kujo negi' on top, similar to Welsh onion typically brought from Kyoto region. Indeed, it is the yummiest of all!
No matter how fussy you are, you would like the dishes in lovely atmosphere.

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