25 January 2012

Japan's innovation - Pilot the Frixion Pen

If you have ever lived in Japan, you must have used the pens manufactured by the Japan's largest pen maker and a well known brand, called PILOT. The FriXion pen, the gel ink rolllerball, and FriXion Colors, felt-tip markers are one of my favorite items at the moment, (In Japanese: http://www.pilot.co.jp/frixion/info/, in English http://www.pilotpen.us/FriXion.aspx).
The Frixion pens are smooth and innovative, erasable with the thermosensitive ink and a small rubber at the end of the pen.
I found they were especially handy when my child had to write a number of Christmas cards and New Year cards. Write, erase without crumbs and rewrite! It can be easily rubbed off even by little children. Worth try it!

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