01 February 2012

Book Review: 'Japanese Culture Introduced in English'

I've got to know there are a number of books introducing all-about-Japan in English. There are many but similar titles: 'Introducing Japan in Simple English', 'Japanese seasonal events introduced in English', 'Japanese culture introduced in English' etc.
I picked up the above book titled: 'Ede wakaru eigo de shoukai suru nihon bunnka - Japanese Culture Introduced in English' with illustration' published in 2009 by the author Mr. Koji Kuwabara. (the publisher: Natsumesha CO.,LTD. http://www.natsume.co.jp/, Japanese language only).
It is easy to read, easy to see and understand the context with many colourful illustration. It is surely appealing to young readers.
There are six contents; Japanese life and people, travel and history, Japanese traditional entertainment, Japanese arts, Japanese martial arts, and Japanese food.
There are books similar to the above written by non-Japanese and interestingly the view to the Japanese culture is different from those written by Japanese natives.
On February 3, it is 'Bean-throwing ceremony' ('mamemaki' or 'setsubun' in Japanese). I will put a devil mask and run away from my kid who will be throwing roasted soybeans and calling out 'Devils out! Fortune in!' (oni wa soto! fuku wa uchi!) tomorrow.
The long-awaited spring is coming soon!

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