27 February 2012

Ten-pin Bowling on the weekend

Our family went to play the ten-pin bowling at 'Round 1' (http://www.round1.co.jp/ Japanese language only) on the weekend.
It was my first time to play the bowling in last 15 years. It was also the very first time for my 8 years old daughter to play the bowling and it was so good to see how much she enjoyed.
I had a little double that the ten-pin bowling could be suitable for young children like mine because I had hardly heard any of my friends took kids to the bowling venues and also the kids' birthday party at ten-pin bowling is not popular at all in Japan. There is no catering service for food or drinks and we are only allowed to buy cans of drinks at the vending machines at the site.
Despite my expectation, the bowling centre was packed with many family, students, even old people.
Surprisingly, the bowling scene was the same as 15 years ago. I expected it had been transformed with more colourful and fancy high-tech gadgets. But it did not disappoint me and rather made me comfortable and enjoyed the game with my family.
I guess it is universal but what we do to get started at the bowling centre is: go to the reception to fill in the form with names, gender etc. , hire bowling shoes at the shoes-vending machine, find a bowling ball from a wide range of weight which suits your style, and go to your designated lane. The score board is all computerized, off course, so just start to play. After the game, go back to the reception and pay the bill including the shoes hire.
Unexpectedly, I played so well and decided to show off my scores here:-))
Although my whole body is aching today, it was worth it.

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