17 September 2012

Kids' 'Yukata' Fashion Trend in Summer 2012

'Yukata' is a traditional Japanese clothing which is regarded as a casual 'kimono'. It is easy to wear and cool with cotton fabric which are well designed for hot and humid summer season. 'Yukata' is not everyday clothes any longer and people wear it for special occasions like summer festivals and firework displays. Indeed, when you see the people in yukata, it tells the arrival of summer.

There was an eye opening change in kids' yukata this year!

The 'obi' (sash) was replaced with soft see-through fabric.
The 'geta' (wooden clogs or sandals) were replaced with colourful high heel or flat comfy sandals.
And, the straight line form of  yukata has been transformed to the Cinderella dress style.
Even the 'Hello Kitty' brand introduced lovely yukata as pictures below.
The majority of children were still wearing the yukata with pastel colours in the traditional way in Tokyo but more children were enjoying the latest style yukata in the summer festivals in countryside of Japan.
What will never change is that kids love the summer festivals!
The 2012 summer is over in Japan.
Miss it, love it, and wait for summer next year.


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