19 September 2012

Hello Kitty English Dictionary★

The internationally acknowledged Japan's brand, neither Sony nor Toyota, but Hello Kitty was transformed in overseas and created more sophisticated item which was re imported to the Japanese educational market.
The special edition of the Collins Gem Hello Kitty English Dictionary was released first in U.K. in July this year and it is now widely available in Japan.
It is entertaining with colourful pictures as well as suitable contents for serious English language learners. It is just perfect to motivate children to take it, look at it, and enjoy learning with Hello Kitty.
''With its clear definitions, spelling and grammar tips, this handy little dictionary is the ideal portable companion to answer all your essential language questions. A special Hello Kitty supplement has been included in this edition.'' (from HarperCollins HP:http://www.harpercollins.co.uk/Titles/65177/collins-gem-hello-kitty-dictionary-9780007457205)

The pocket sized Hello Kitty English dictionary is so handy that it encourages both young and old to open up the dictionary more often.
It is surely an unique item with Japan's beloved brand, Hello Kitty.

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