25 September 2012

New Gadget ★ Bottle Lid Pencil Sharpener

People read books on electronic devices like iBook and Kindle in these days.
People send messages by e-mail rather than writing letters.
People no longer carry around pens and notepad and instead, they have a mobile device that contains all the personal information.

The sales of books and stationary will be moving downwards ... unless the manufactures do not offer the creative goods and services.

One of the most famous Japanese stationary retailers, 'Shachihata' (HP: http://www.shachihata.co.jp/index.php, Japanese language; http://www.artlineworld.com/index.html, http://www.artlineworld.com/wtb/index.html, English site), has released 'Kezuri Cap' in late May 2012 (literary means, sharpener cap) which is a bottle lid pencil sharpener. The company are well known selling stamp pad, (Japanese people even call a stamp pad as 'shachihata') and now becomes a worldwide stationary manufacture and retailer.
'Kezuri Cap' is a small gadget with a selection of four lovely colours.
Simply, you put 'Kezuri Cap' on an empty plastic bottle just like a normal lid.
One 500 ml bottle could take as much as 10 pencils' shavings.
The retail price is 315 yen.
The children make a mess with a conventional pencil sharpener.
The electronic pencil sharpener is handy but the children tend to sharpen the pencils far too much which get too short to use and go to the bin so quickly.
The concept of 'Kezuri Cap' is to reuse the plastic bottle which is environmentally friendly. As long as 'Kezuri Cap' is tightly set, the shavings won't come out even the children drop the bottle.  
It is also convenient to see how much shavings are in a clear bottle. 


It is clean, handy and ecology!
'Kazuri Cap' is a great innovative tool which is just what parents have been eager to have.


  1. I LOVE it! What a fab idea! Xx

  2. This is really smart!