03 October 2012

Halloween Party★Tokyo Disney Land 2012

Tokyo Disney Land Official Website: http://www.tokyodisneyresort.co.jp/en/tdl/index.html 
Japan had the hottest September in more than 110 years this year and it reached 30 degree or higher in and around Tokyo on October 1st which was the hottest day in October since 2005.

Indeed, it was very hot in Tokyo Disney Land...because of the temperature or the Halloween fever?!
The picture above is the typical early morning at the main gate of Tokyo Disney Land (TDL). Soon after the gate was opened at 8:30am, people dashed into the dreamland to get 'FASTPASS' for the popular attractions. 
The Halloween window display at TDL's World Bazaar.
The Mickey Mouse-shaped ice bar cooled the body down.
The TDL's lamppost turned to the pumpkins,
and even the bins are in Halloween colours.
Even Dumbo is wicked. 

TDL's 'obake' (ghost).

Tip and Dale are still cute even they wear the Halloween costumes.
 Minnie Mouse's Halloween costumes are always pretty with pink and purple.
Spooky?! Look up the beautiful full moon in the sky after the typhoon passed in the picture above.
TDL never disappoints the people.


  1. Wonderful pictures. Hy from Romania

  2. I am glad you liked them. Thank you!

  3. This looks like so much fun!

    1. The Tokyo Disney Land never disappoints the people. It gets better every time we go and I love the spooky but colourful Halloween time the most!