31 August 2012

Summer Holiday Homework ★ 'Research Project' for Japanese Primary School

The six weeks summer school holiday is over in most of Japanese primary schools on August 31.
Children will go back to school after the weekend.

Well, how did we go with our summer holiday homework?!
(Please see July 20th of this blog about summer school homework!)

Here is our big production for the 'research project' for this summer.
The theme is 'London Olympics 2012 and our memories'.
First, my 8 years old, Year 3, daughter made a shining 'doro dango' (sand ball). In old days, children used to make those sand balls in the park but there is hardly any good sand pit to make those in Tokyo. So, we spoilt ourselves and bought a little kit for a sand ball.

My daughter painted the British flag with water paint on the sand ball. She studies the Union Jack carefully and it turned out beautifully.

Next, she made the Double Decker, the symbol of London's daily life, with thick paper, a little motor, and coloured with water paint.
It wasn't easy and the daughter faced many troubles.
But hurray! It turned out more than we expected.
With a little banner 'London 2012 Olympic', it got life and started to move just like...
Much love to London!

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