29 August 2012

Family day out at Hello Kitty ★ Sanrio Puroland

★Sanrio Puroland official HP in English: http://www.puroland.co.jp/english/welcome.html
More information in Japanese: http://www.puroland.jp/
★Characters creator and maker, Sanrio Co.: http://www.sanrio.co.jp/english/index.html
★Facebook Sanrio Entertainment: http://www.facebook.com/SANRIOENT
The home of Hello Kitty and Sanrio ultra cute characters is an indoor theme park, called 'Sanrio Puroland', located on the western outskirts of Tokyo in Tama City.
It is not overstated the Japan-made character, Hello Kitty, is an internationally recognised icon just like Mr. Fuji. The world of Sanrio offers an unique phenomenon with the unspoken characters with extensive goods designed for children to adults.  
Sanrio Puroland park map from official site
The theatre performances, musicals, and parades are colourful with lights effects and the modest size of the park enable the audience to be a part of the sparkling performances right in front of you.
The park is usually full with families with preschool children, but Hello Kitty lovers fully dressed with character gadgets often occupy the front line at performances.
★Little Twin Stars★
★Monkey Monkichi★
★Kerokero Keroppi★
★Suger Bunnies★
All the Sanrio characters welcome the people on boat ride just like the attraction, 'It's A Small World' at Disney Land.
The musical 'Hello Kitty and the Wizard of Oz' at Marchen Theatre
Hello Kitty is a quiet character unlike TV or cartoon characters but she talks, dances, and she even performs as an upbeat DJ...She is given life at Sanrio Puroland.

Jewelpet musical at Discovery Theatre

The Sanrio characters were primarily meant to be for small children. The 'cute' culture among grown-ups, however, has rapidly widespread not only in Japan but throughout the world.
They are cute, adorable, and they make people at ease.
It is not only cute and fluffy, but it offers the spectacular performances.
Sanrio Puroland is a dreamland for both children and grown-ups.