03 May 2011

How do we get to see a MOVIE??!

(picture above from HP: http://shinchan-movie.com/ )

Did you know that you can see a movie as cheap as 1,000 yen in Japan?!

Where can we see? What's on now? How can I buy a movie ticket? Do I have to book the seats in advance??? So many questions may discourage you to go to see movies.

Here are some tips to go to the cinemas. How do Japanese people get to know what's happening in cinemas? People see the adverts in newspapers, trains, streets, ads on TV, magazines etc. etc. They are likely all in Japanese so when you get stuck in language difficulties, here is one suggestion to visit: http://metropolis.co.jp/movies/ Keep your eyes on free English papers and magagizes.

You can buy a ticket at the ticket booth in cinemas which is currently showing. It usually costs 1,800 yen for adult; 1,000 to 1,500 yen for students depending on ages, 1,000 yen for seniors (over 60 years old); 900 yen for pre-primary school students (3-6 years old).

However, there are lots of good deals available which I have not yet all conquered.

If you buy a ticket before the official opening, you can buy a ticket for 1,300 yen (called 'mae-uri' ticket) which tickets are available in many places like 24 hours 'convenience stores' such as Seven-Eleven, Lawson, and so on.

You can also buy tickets online from each cinemas (often in Japanese only). Lots of cinemas offer '1,000 yen Day' on every 1st day of each month, like April 1st, May 1st and so on. But mind you, it is usually crowded in cinemas. I would rather choose special deals for 1,000 yen on every Wednesdays for 'Lady's' day' for all women; 1,200 yen for 'Late Night Show' after 20:00 for all and many more specials available depending on cinemas.

My 7 years old daughter went to see a movie 'kureyon shin-chan' http://shinchan-movie.com/ (only in Japanese) the other day and had lords of fun:-))


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