06 May 2011

Chill out in hot bath! ★Oedo Onsen Monogatari★

Did you know the Japanese people do not hesitate to be naked in front of other strangers who are also naked??!

It might be a little exaggerated but it is true. We have 'hot springs' culture and we simply enjoy having hot bath with many others in naked. In fact, I hated to get naked in public when I was teenager but I am absolutely fine now. You will get too relaxed in lovely hot bath and you don't really care how you look and how the other people look like in steamy hot bath room. If you are a little shy, you are allowed to cover your body with a small towel and if you have a little baby, you can cuddle the baby to cover your body.

When you find it is hassle to go far away for touristy hot springs, or 'onsen' in country side, why don't you give it a go in Tokyo for just an experience which is called 'Oedo Onsen' in Odaiba. http://www.ooedoonsen.jp/higaeri/english/index.html

You get on free shuttle bus from four major stations, pay the admission fees (discount vouchers are often available on web) at the entrance, rent 'yukata' (casual summer kimono), go and get changed to yukata and put your belongings in a locker at changing room, play/eat/view some entertainment at indoor space, go to outdoor foot bath area, and if you wish, you go to a real 'onsen' in naked later.

I saw some foreigners in this 'Oedo Onsen'. There are signs in English and other languages inside the facility that I imagine there are lots more foreigners before the March 11th of earthquake.

It is an entertainment and experience in a little indoor place with lots of fun. It is worth trying!


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