02 May 2011

Slurp the noodles in Tokyo Ramen Street

Did you know that it is not rude to slurp the noodles in Japan?!

My overseas friend still doesn't believe it and I made her even more confused when I said that Japanese people not only slurp but burp in public... But it is not good idea to blow your nose with hanky with loud noise. I get confused myself.

I went to the 'Ramen' (noodles in soup) Street in underground near Tokyo station today. I have a big 'Ramen' craze like others and cannot help not to introduce those Ramen shops (too small to call them as restaurants but too big to call as stalls) which is one of the 'must-go' places for Japanese male office workers in Tokyo lately. 

Those shops usually open at 11am daily but when I turned up around 10:30, there was quite a long queue in front of the shop I was aiming for. I bought a ticket for the ramen from the vending machine before the shop opens, waited outside the shop surrounded by lots of men in business suits ... aren't they supposed to work hard around that time??! ... and when the shop opened, people in the queue were escorted efficiently to the shop and filled the restaurant of about 25 seats up so quickly. I waited about another 5 minutes inside the shop to get served and slurp, slurp, slurp ... all went nicely into my little tummy.
This is a blog which aims to show the places for parents and kids to have fun in Japan but I am sorry you should not take your kids along in those POPULAR ramen shops according to unwritten principles. This is a place where parents who are free from kids in one afternoon should go and have an experience.


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