23 February 2013

Japan's No.1 Flip Book ★ Tekken's 'Parapara' Manga

The guy in above picture is called 'Tekken'.
He is a Japanese comedian and an outstanding artist for the flip books.

Tekken created an emotional 3 minute flip animation titled 'Pendulum', 'Furiko' in Japanese, for the British rock band Muse last year.

The model of the 'Pendulum' is an average middle class Japanese family and the story describes ordinary days for ordinary Japanese people.

... the happiness, anger, sadness, forgiveness, regrets, praises, compassion, compromise, thankfulness ... all you could experience through the lifetime.
A three minute video with 1038-page flip book along with the swings of a pendulum reminds you something which may have been forgot.

The life in the 'Pendulum' is not irrelevant to you all in and outside Japan.

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