09 June 2012

15 healthy hospital food in a Japanese hospital★

The hospital food used to be dry, cold and tasteless. It was the impression everyone had.
However, it is an old story in the Japanese hospitals and here are 15 healthy hospital meals for a middle aged Japanese woman.
Day 1 Lunch: 493kcal
'Shichibu-zuki' (70% polished) steamed rice, Chicken broiled with soy sauce, spinach, Koya-dofu (freeze dried bean curd) stewed with vegetables, dressed yam and 'okura' (Japanese gumbo), and grapes.
Day 1 Dinner: 658kcal
Steamed rice 150g, fish stock clear soup, cutlass fish 80g with lemon butter sauce, pumpkins with chicken mince sauce, and sliced radish and carrot in vinegar dressing.
Day 2 Breakfast:
Rice porridge ('gobu-gayu' = rice:water = 1:10) 250g, grilled salmon 40g, miso soup with cabbage, stewed Chinese cabbage, and milk.
 Day 2 Lunch: 506kcal
Rice porridge ('zen-gayu' = rice:water = 1:5)250g, 'tororo' (grated yam) with flavor, grilled fish 80g,  stewed 'ganmo' (deep fried bean curd mixed with thinly sliced vegetable) and vegetables, and boiled green vegetable.
Day 3 Dinner: 689kcal
'Omu-rice' (rice omelet, or stirred fried tomato flavoured rice wrapped in a thin omelet),
salad with cheese, kiwi fruit, and vegetable and fruit mixed juice.
Day 4 Breakfast: 481kcal
Steamed rice 150g, miso soup with Chinese cabbage, Japanese-style omelet, seasoned cabbage, and yogurt flavoured juice.
Day 4 Lunch: 622kcal
'Shichibu-tzuki' (70% polished) steamed rice, mackerel cooked in miso, potatoes with chicken mince sauce, and cucumber seasoned in vinegar.
Day 4 Dinner: 502kcal
'Terriyaki' chicken on top of steamed rice in a bowl, egg soup, bean starch thin noodles salad, and almond jelly with fruits.
Day 5 Breakfast: 479kcal
Two sliced bread (warm), vegetable saute, a small block of pineapple, and yogurt flavoured juice.
Day 5 Lunch: 428kcal
'Shichibu-zuki' (70% polished) steamed rice 150g, white-miso flavoured salmon, stirred fried bean curd refuse, and seasoned Chinese cabbage. 
Day 5 Dinner: 656kcal
'Kakiage' (deep-fried vegetable tempra) with soba noodle in soup, green vegetable salad, yogurt, and melon.
Day 6 Breakfast: 431kcal
150g of steamed rice, miso soup with Chinese radish, miso-flavoured fish, seasoned cabbage, plum pickle, and yogurt.
Day 6 Lunch: 537kcal
'Shichibu-zuki' (70% polished) steamed rice 150g, hamburg stake with broccoli,
 'kimpira gobou' (chopped burdock roots and carrots cooked in sugar and soy sauce), yam and 'okura', and 'shimeji' mushrooms in graded radish sauce.
Day 6 Dinner: 601kcal
Steamed rice 150g, flavoured (blue) fish 80g, beef and bean curd in sugar and soy sauce flavoured sauce, Chinese cabbage pickles, and grapes.
Day 7 Breakfast: 525kcal
Sliced bread 80g (warm), butter and strawberry jam, saute with cabbage and ham, a block of pineapple, and milk.

Close your eyes and imagine the food is served in beautiful Japanese plates and bowls. Please imagine the meals are brought by not nurse but a lady in kimono.

It is an old fashion but highly recommended low calorie and low cholesterol Japanese home cuisine.

Applause to the Japanese hospital food! Hooray!!!